Will Whitney Wolfe Embrace Her New Life?

The Star Of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe has made herself one of the most prominent female CEOs in the country with her app Bumble. Approaching online dating from a feminist perspective, women always make the first move on Bumble. The result of this approach has massively reduced sexual harassment on the platform and better insured protections for the women who use it. Now, Whitney Wolfe is beginning a new chapter in her life and wants to change everything we think about her popular app.

Her New Chapter

Her wedding at the Amalfi Coast has marked a beginning of something completely new for Wolfe. She has served as a software developer and CEO as a single woman who seeks to help other single women, but this new marriage means something entirely new for her. She’s going to run her company from a new perspective informed by the challenges and experiences of being a wife. What this will mean for the future of Wolfe and the future of Bumble isn’t exactly clear, but it’s certain she’s going to find a way to continue to grow from what she’s become.

A New Direction For Bumble

Bumble is considered a dating app, but since Wolfe isn’t dating she’s looking to find ways to expand that meaning to include so much more. One of the things she now has in mind is trying to find a way to expand the focus of Bumble to include social media in general. Bumble BFF is a great way for people to meet other people using the same format often seen in online dating apps. The approach is just another example of how Wolfe is leading the way for a new approach to technology. This time, she wants to bring it out of the dating world and into our friendships.

The Future Holds Promise

The future for Whitney Wolfe is certainly going to hold some serious changes ahead. A marriage rarely gives people the same lives they were living beforehand. How these changes will affect the way she runs her business is up for speculation. Will she decide she’s going to create an app for mothers? Will her apps include things for couples? The list of surprises will never end. Entrepreneurs do best when they are inspired by the world around them. With the direction Wolfe is taking that will certainly be a great one.

Whitney Wolfe info: www.theknotnews.com/bumble-founder-marries-italy-22556