What Imran Haque Means to Central North Carolina

Arguably no medical doctor or internist is known more widely throughout central North Carolina, especially the areas of Ramseur and Asheboro, than Dr. Imran Haque, having served the area for over fifteen years. In 2001, Dr. Imran Haque first passed the Tar Heel state boards to become a licensed, accredited internist. He began working at a hospital in central North Carolina in 2001, less than two years later founding Horizon Internal Medicine by himself.

Horizon Internal Medicine has since expanded to two locations – Ramseur and Asheboro, North Carolina – and are still operated solely by Imran Haque. However, because Dr. Imran Haque is often so busy working at various hospitals and medical facilities, Horizon Internal Medicine’s two locations staff nurses, doctors, PA’s, and nurse practitioners throughout each and every week to keep patients feeling up to par.

Dr. Imran Haque provides mostly cosmetic services at these two self-owned locations, although he’s able to give wellness exams, prescribe medication, combat diseases and ailments, and much, much more. Haque came from the proverbial bottom, working his way up through the ranks over the past three decades.

After getting a bachelor’s degree, Imran Haque went to the Caribbean medical school Universidad Iberoamericana starting in 1994. Out of four medical colleges on the Caribbean islands, all of which offer MD – medical doctorate – degrees, Iberoamericana is unarguably the top choice of applicants, although not everyone is able to get in – hard-working Imran Haque was, however, although not to anyone’s surprise.

As 2001 rolled around, Dr. Imran Haque was first able to practice as an internist without a supervising doctor, as he had then completed a residency stint at the nearby University of Virginia’s Internal Medicine Program at Roanoke-Salem.

Imran Haque is expected to work in central North Carolina for years to come.