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Some people talk a good game. Some of us actually get out and do what we can to affect the world, issues, and areas that are overshadowed by tyranny. An interesting article in The Weekly Standard entitled, “Troublemaker for Tyrants,” tells of such a person, Thor Halvorssen who is dedicated, along with the HRF, to dismantling the machinations of oppression.


Thor actually founded the aptly named Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in 2005. He was born in Caracas and has been standing for the “underdog” especially in authoritarian ruled areas around the world for several years.


The article brings light to some of the atrocities inflicted on people at the hands of over-reaching governmental systems, and the freedom fighters such as Halvorssen and the staff of HRF, and their relentless mission which is, “to rid the world of tyranny.” Also, the revelation that incarceration, bruised and bloody beat downs, and yes death is always a perpetual threat and reality to those who stand against the monocrats of our world.


This cause is very personal for him as his father was actually incarcerated for exposing some government corruption, and his mother was actually shot during a demonstration. So it can be said that he has anti-tyranny in his pedigree.


The Human Rights Foundation’s main focus is on the worst dictatorships and bringing showing the truth of their activities to the rest of the world. Political prisoners, and the so called,”Big fish”, although Thor at times works with sister organizations such as Amnesty international who apparently spend less time with the magnifying glass held to the major despot such as Cuba.


Tyrants beware because the HRF is on a mission of exposure, and the best way to combat what is done in darkness is to walk in and bring the light.

More information for Thor Halvorssen:


Twitter: @thorhalvorssen


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  1. Thor has taken some lumps of his own for the cause. The 2010 event Ho Chi Minh which left him, “black and blue,” among other discomforts. Grandiose speeches about nefarious activities of autocratic rulers far away, and issues that incite a bit of outrage for a moment. I know for sure that rushessay custom writing service would have a lot to cope with these things too.

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