Two Weight Loss Companies in Legal Battle Over Video

There is a legal battle in the courts regarding a new diet plan that has been gaining popularity around the country. The weight loss company Nutrimost is suing rival company Healthy Living for what they say is a theft of their business model and their reputation. This mostly revolves around a video that Healthy Living posted on their website last year. Nutrimost claims that Healthy Living stole the video regarding their weight loss plan and posted it on their own site with some minor edits. These edits merely took out the word “Nutrimost” and replaced it with “Can’t Lose Diet”. Nutrimost says that this is basically the only difference between the stolen video and the original video that they posted. They claim that the company even used their original customer testimonials and doctor testimonials from their video.
The Nutrimost diet plan has been gaining steam around the country ever since its inception in 2014. It is a little different than other diet plans because it is based on a technology called NRF which stands for “Nutrimost Resonant Frequency”. This frequency is sent through the body to help scan the person’s health and determine the best weight loss plan for them. Some people that use the program have seen results to the tune of losing 40 lbs. in the first month. These are great results and are part of the reason that the program has grown so quickly. The company says that they use science and spiritual health to help guide people through their weight loss.
Nutrimost is suing Healthy Living for $300,000 for the pirating of the video. They are also seeking a court order directed at the company that will prevent them from using the video again. Nutrimost calls itself “The Ultimate Fat Loss System”. Neither company has been able to be reached for comment at this point.

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