The Internet of Things

A few years ago, the internet was just but a theory. Today almost everyone has access to the internet either through their smart phones or wi-fi at home. The internet connects users from all parts of the world in real time and has been of great value to businesses all around the world. For the younger generation, the internet has been easier to maneuver compared to the older generation.

You may have come across the term Internet of Things and wondered what it was all about. It is the various existing products that can connect us, through the internet. Today, we don’t just have smart phones. We have smart homes, smart appliances and smart electronics, all which use the internet. The internet has opened doors in the education sector as well. In the olden days, students had to visit libraries to access books but not anymore. They can now comfortably do their research at home using a PC, smart phone or a tab. Internet of Things has expanded over time, and continues to do so day by day.

Of the changes that have been brought about by IoT, are broadband internet and wi-fi services. High internet speeds were costly and, therefore, only accessible to professionals who could afford it, but over the years, more internet providers have come into play, and these costs have considerably dropped. The same goes for wi-fi. With a smart phone or tab, you can access work emails, documents or catch up on projects while your kids play as you wait to get them a bite to eat at a restaurant because most places we visit these days have free wi-fi and hotspots. This has definitely made life much easier.

IoT has greatly impacted our day to day living. Below are a few scenarios that show how.

• Alarm clocks. When you set your alarm clock, you find that you use you use your smart phone and not a bedside clock.

• Many people have smart electronics, and a smart coffee maker is one of the home appliances which can assist in time-saving. If pre-programmed, you can find your morning coffee ready every day as you leave for work.

• With smart cars, you are able to detect faults right away. These cars have warning lights on the dashboard and will alert you whenever something is wrong with your automobile.

Jason Hope is one of the people who believe in enhancing technology for the future. He is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist, who lives in Scottsdale Arizona. He has a degree in Finance from the Arizona State University and an MBA from W.P Cary School of Business. Apart from having political interests, Jason has dedicated himself to the development of technology so as to improve the lives of many.

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