Securus Technologies Helping Law Enforcement Officers Do Their Job More Efficiently

It is essential for the correctional facilities to provide affordable and reliable inmate communications services these days. It is where the Securus Technologies come in. Securus Technologies is considered a pioneer in the field of correctional technology and offers affordable, reliable, and advanced inmate communications services, crime prevention technology, and investigative services and solutions. The company also provides governmental information management system. Securus Technologies has always been keen on modernizing the correctional sphere and has been able to contribute to the field tremendously since the time of its inception in 1986. Its headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, and has regional offices in Allen, Carrollton, and Atlanta.


The research and development facility of Securus Technologies is also based in Dallas, Texas, which is open to the investors as well as the customers. The stakeholders in the company can visit the research and development facility to check out the progress made by the company regarding technology and the new products that are under development. For many years, Securus Technologies has been pumping millions of dollars into research and development as the company’s CEO, Rick Smith, believes that it is what would help in developing innovative products. As the competition is getting fierce in the correctional sphere and more and more companies are coming up with unique and creative products, it is essential for Securus Technologies to stay focused on developing innovative products to remain in the competition and lead from the front.


Securus Technologies has always been interactive with its customers and target audience, and it is for this reason it recently published a press release where it displayed the comments of the law enforcement officers who wrote to the company. The comments of the law enforcement officers spoke about how the investigative technology offered by Securus Technologies is helping make a positive difference to the sector and build a better and safer tomorrow.