Scott Rocklage as a Mover and Shaker in the Financing Fraternity

Various individuals contribute a lot to the society, and the areas they come from are privileged to have them. On such individual is Scott Rocklage. Back in 2003, Scott began working with 5 AM Ventures. 5 AM Venture Management LLC is a capital organization, which exclusively gets involved in seed, startups and enhanced capital. The company prefers to invest in firms that are of life science with their primary agenda being drug enhancement, research, biopharmaceuticals and medical inventions among others.


Rocklage studied a degree in Chemistry from University of California and later furthered his studies from Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he got a PHD. The knowledge he got from these institutions has seen him very knowledgeable hence contributing a lot.


  • From Cubist Pharmaceuticals to Amersham Health before landing at 5 AM, it is a clear indication that he has experience in the field of health. Since his association with 5 AM Ventures, the firm has tremendously improved. The Fact that he has had about 30 years of experience and at the same time his scientific background, he has pushed for several agendas that have come to pass. For instance, he got approval from Federal Drug Administration for acceptance of three new drug administration. These drugs are; Cubicin, Omniscan, and Teslascan. Also, the firm has been able to come up with various ways that have provided a cutting edge for several medical issues. As a result of this, satellite companies of 5 AM have come up with untraditional methods of conducting a diagnosis, prevent or also treat an array of diseases. Learn more:


Rocklage is a team leader, and he involves members of the firm in decision making. This is why the result of whatever they put their hands on is remarkable. For him, he attributes his success to a strategy that he uses called hands on. Also, he gives the early dollar that is meant for investment. Rocklage takes up roles himself and makes sure that work done is done to perfection. After all, there is always wealth in health and therefore no rooms for mistakes. Scott is a fantastic person who needs to be commended for the input he has directed in the health sector.