SahmAdrangi Creation of a Resilient Business Empire

SahmAdrangi graduated from the University of Yale in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and later worked as an analyst at Deutsche Bank from 2004 to October of 2005.He is one of the few individuals who has wiped a lot of corrupt foreign companies and in turn made huge returns. In three years, SahmAndrangi has managed to grow his hedge fund from one million dollars to over two hundred million dollars. Sahm started the hedge fund under a Chinese merger, but he later realized that the companies were scam given that they were cooking their books and so he chose to stay anonymous. However, when activist investor began to look into the dealing of the companies, he dropped the name and started Kerrisdale capital management. The hedge fund big break came in 2011 when they had high returns, and this helped Adrangi and his team raise the required capital. They have managed to stay on top of the game, and as at 2016, they had grown by over twenty percent which was comforting to investors.

Despite his calm and composed personality, he isn’t afraid to take on some of the most high profile investors. That is why when one of New York’s hedge fund activist Bill Ackman announced there he was out to handicap stock that was directed to direct marketing firms he wasn’t shaken by the idea. Sahm hedge fund Kerrisdale capital management has raised close to a million dollars from investors in to compete against a single stock. The investment fund is deemed one of its kind given that it will be used in particular set of investments such as mortgage-backed securities. This is a massive investment for a single public traded company, but the fund is meant to establish a position within the company. Kerrisdale Capital Management now manages about five hundred million dollars, but still faces still competition from drug making companies such as Globalstar, Zagen, and sage therapeutics.The hedge fund is bound to bet for and against the company stock which has an annual return of about 28% in over five years.