Sah Adrangi Is A Hedge Fund Founder

A former bond trader of Wall Street had wanted to discuss GNC Holdings Inc. This person had moved on to become a hedge fund credit analyst, and then he became a hedge fund credit portfolio manager. The reason for the discussion was that he had been closely building a large position, in his PA, in his equity.

He is a graduate of the Penn State. He managed to land an internship with Merrill Lynch on the basis of his networking and sheer hustle. Hence he landed on credit desk in NYC. Due to his hard work, he could work for three years at Merrill Lynch. Here, he was on the bond desk trading credit. After getting this experience of a credit trading role, he moved on to Longacre, which was a $3 billion hedge fund at that time. During this time, he came across Sahm Adrangi, who later founded the hedge fund, Kerrisdale Capital.

In addition, Sahm Adrangi has also published a short piece that is titled, Northern Dynasty (NYSEMKT:NAK): The Pebble Deposit Isn’t Commercial Viable. This managed to move the market in February. This piece from Sahm Adrangi gave many people the opportunity to buy back position in NAK.

After Longacre, this person moved on to Paulson & Co, where he worked for their credit team. This was a person who had made nearly $6 billion by simply shorting mortgage bonds. Then he joined Bowery Investment Management, LLC and worked there for three years as their credit PM.

It was in June 2015 that he decided to bid farewell to Wall Street. This was because he was finding it difficult to manage the long hours there. Also, he did not like the high cost of living in NYC. In addition, he could see that the rules of the game had changed due to the change in the highly attractive “2/20” fee structure, at one time.

But this does not mean that the person is not investing now. He continues to invest. A large part of his current income is from his selection of good securities.

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