Paul Mampilly and the Unlimited Profits He Brings

The investment industry’s officially known fastest growing newsletter with 60,000 subscribers is Paul Mampilly’s “Profits Unlimited,” which has shown impressive results since its creation. If you ever needed financial assistance and a few guidelines on how to proceed with investing in the stock market, Profits Unlimited is the fanbase’s favorite.

It has been praised by clients and stock market experts alike for its excellent explanations, coverage of the concepts of the stock market and for the amount of content that comes with the subscription.

A subscriber reported that he earned $45,190 in profits due to Paul Mampilly’s stock market advice, and that is only one positive story in the middle of a bunch of winners who used the techniques of Paul Mampilly. This particular investor emphasized that Paul is the most exceptional financial adviser he’s ever met in his life, and that the investor changed the subscriber’s life forever. Another satisfied client said that all of the investments that Paul Mampilly recommended to him are doing very well. He added that he’s never had a more profitable experience in the stock market since started investing, and credits it all to Paul’s advice.

How did Paul Mampilly become the Investment Advisor that He Is Today

Paul Mampilly used to be a hedge fund manager who discovered that he has excellent talent in investing and probably more so in advising others on how to invest. In 2009, Paul entered a competition about investment strategies that was hosted by The Templeton Foundation. He won the competition by almost reaching 76% of profit over what he had. What’s most impressive is that he did it during the financial crisis’ worst years and acheived what almost no one else did.

In 2016, Paul realized that he is as good an adviser as he was as an investor and partnered up with Banyan Hill Publishing to start a newsletter that has a goal of teaching ordinary US citizens how to earn money from the stock market. And with this partnership, “Profits Unlimited” was created.

Paul Mampilly studied college at the Montclair State University and took up a major in Finance and Accounting; he graduated with a BBA in 1991. Six years later, he expanded his academic credentials by graduating with a Master in Business Administration at the Fordham Gabelli School of Business.

He had several significant clients during his 20 years in the business as a hedge fund manager which includes Deutsche Bank, ING, and Kinetics International.

About Paul Mampilly: