Richard Mishaan Design Creating Big and Small Miracles

The world of architecture and design is fluid and always changing. It is a source of study and inspiration for many students and upcoming stars in the architecture sky. There are many talented architects and designers worth mentioning. One of them is Richard Mishaan from Columbia. He is the talented and inspirational individual with a unique style. One of the most amazing things about the world of design is amazing in a sense that it allows people to dream and use their imagination to create something unforgettable for themselves and others.

He changed the way design works together with architecture. He worked in well-known companies in the US and developed his style over time. One of the most amazing things is that even though people tend to stick to their style, the design allows them to experiment with things they like and enjoy.

Not many people know the name Richard Mishaan Design, but these projects are located in different places around the US and Europe as well as Asia. He is interested in traveling and learning something new from every place he visits. There are influences in his work from visiting different countries and cities.

Richard Mishaan Design creates more than just space. He creates rooms and buildings that are more than just four walls and a roof. Richard Mishaan Design shows that he is creating memories and experiences and that is more important than anything else. Richard Mishaan Design cares deeply about each project he works on and learns something new from the success and failure. He is not afraid to experiment with style and color to make the place look just right.

He works on a lot of hotel room designs because the hospitality industry realizes how important good design is to bring in new clients. Richard Mishaan Design work is exactly what they need to make it work.


David Mcdonald’s Background and Career History

Iowa State University graduate, David Mcdonald has become the face of the very famous OSI group (global leading food-processing company) for aiding in advancing the industry’s progress. He was born and raised on a farm in Iowa and graduated in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. Driven by the motive to impact the Iowa State in terms of utilizing agriculture resources, David Mcdonald has set the bar high. Mcdonald generously invests time in the St. Michael Parish in Wheaton, and serves as chairman of the board of directors for the American Meat Institution. He also served as an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. He is involved in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. In 2011 he arranged for students to visit OSI facilities in China which resulted in one of them being employed by the company.

David and his wife have 6 children and live in Warrenville. Two of his older children attend the Iowa State University, the university he seeks to honor his lifelong commitment to by benefiting students there.

McDonald has expressed vital support for Iowa State’s AGR by being one of the first ones to stand in support of. AGR is Alpha Gamma Rho, Mcdonald’s fraternity which he supports through scholarship funding.

David Mcdonald’s involvement with the OSI industries has been one of his biggest milestones. Upon graduating he joined the OSI and later having served as a Project Manager, he is now the President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI. The OSI group has seen success over the 20+ year performance in China, since it opened its first food processing operation in Beijing in 1992. The company supplied Olympics, held in Beijing, 113 tons of food, ranging from chicken, beef, pork, and eggs. They were zero complaints received and the company ever since supplies famous franchises including Starbucks, Papa John’s, Burger King, McDonald’s, and Subway.

David Mcdonald presents his plans for future sustainability through features in the following outline:

1. Social Responsibility
2. The Environment
3. Sustainable Supply Chain

These three key-areas are examples of the work pattern the OSI operates on. David Mcdonald also uses them to demonstrate the company’s goals and achievements and seeks to continue thriving according to these same principles.

Social Responsibility: The goal at OSI is to ensure the diverse workforce is provided environment to thrive, develop, and grow. OSI seeks to achieve this goal based on three principles:

1. Via OSI’s commitment to protect and ensure the health and safety of all employees, colleagues, customers and suppliers. This accomplishment is reflected in the many awards received by the company for their health and safety record.

2. Employees are provided opportunities to exhibit potential and this is done because the company is committed to their employees’ career growth and development in all levels.

3. OSI encourages their employees to engage positively with society by partaking in charitable events and activities. OSI views its role as a community leader and seeks to establish and uphold positivism in their locations.

The Environment: Having reduced energy and water usage by 10% by the year 2012, OSI seeks to lower energy and water consumption in specific zones by the year 2020. Each plant is given a target to accomplish and is monitored by the Global Sustainability Council. OSI continues to impact the variables they can control, i.e., waste management systems, wastewater emissions, resource consumption, energy use and air emissions and have future targets to further improve itself in these areas through highly skilled techniques mentioned in their Sustainability report.

Sustainable Supply Chain: The OSI continuously works to improve supply chain standards, quality, food safety and sustainable practices. OSI industries function according to three principles in this area:

1. OSI believes in independent quality standards as they are essential to ensure quality, food safety and the company’s sustainability.
2. OSI is concerned about animal welfare programs and enforces practices in line with animal welfare within their facilities and those of their suppliers. The company strives for continuous improvements. It also raises awareness on this issue.
3. The company commits itself to traceability and transparency in order to boost customer confidence in their service. The company has set high standards for both their internal sources and those of their suppliers, partners/collaborators.

George Soros Accomplishes His Political and Philanthropic Goals Through the Open Society Foundation

George Soros is a household name when it comes to American politics. Soros is a business tycoon, philanthropist, and an author. The 87 year-old is well-known as one of the biggest critics that Donald Trump has so far. He is known to be a supporter of Democratic Party, and that is through generous contributions to its candidates such as Hillary Clinton. Soros is said to have donated more than $25 million in support of her campaigns, which put her in a better position than Trump. In 2004 George gave approximately $27 million in a move to try and prevent the then president George .W. Bush from being reelected. The man who currently takes the 19th position on the wealthiest people on earth list also supported Former President Barrack Obama who was also a Democrat candidate. After 2004, George reduced his political donations and said that he would now focus on his liberal side. He has always been at the fore front when it comes to helping people and has given more than 13 billion to nonprofit organizations and movements through the Open Society Foundation. George is famous for his charity donations, which aim at poverty reduction and also bringing justice and equality to the society. A good example of such is the Ferguson protests.

The Hungary-born man is known for his active role in the protests, in which he put in at least 33 million U.S dollars. The main aim of doing so was to support the activists and turn the protests into a movement that will create a stronger impact. According to the director of the Soros Open society Foundation, the move would help in creating a more democratic government, which will involve even the minority groups of people. To achieve the motive, Soros chipped in by bringing together protestors in Ferguson through online campaigns. Soros used other groups that he funds such as Colorlines and others in Newyork such as ST Louis to monitor and collect any info related to the protests to ensure that no adverse information was made about the Ferguson protests.

That would make sure that only accurate info would be published. Through this, social media campaign hash tags such as Black Lives matter grew to become a social trend, which even led to bus tours from Boston to other towns.The Gamaliel Foundation, which is also sponsored by Soros also called out to the clergy and men like Rev Jeremiah Wright and others who spoke about racial issues on the weekend known as Hands up Sabbath. That way, issues of racism and equality are addressed. The youth also got to raise their issues through the Ferguson protests. Ferguson protest is a movement fighting for justice and equality in the society, thanks to George Soros. They give a platform where the minority groups can raise their concerns and also create a democratic government where everyone matters.

Doing Something New: The Day George Soros Chose to Hold the World by his Hands

George Soros’ influence in philanthropy is felt the world over. Ever since he was a young man, George’s passion has been to change the world. Perhaps, George Soros passion for creating a better world has been driven by past ordeals, when he, unfortunately, saw people in his country getting discriminated all because of religion. Although he was bitter at the time, George has since learned to channel all his anger to doing good, particularly through his Open Society Foundations. George’s organization has held the hand of other smaller groups that fight for civil and human rights, helping countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia regain their dignity and freedom.Although born in Budapest, George Soros has found his success in London and America where he is renowned for being a great entrepreneur.

In reality, the knowledge obtained from the London School Economics has never failed Soros, not even for a single day. To date, George Soros has amassed wealth amounting to billions of dollars all because of his genius in Forex trading. As a result, Soros has been able to give more than $12 billion in support of philanthropic courses across the globe. Apart from the above, a huge chunk of George’s money has gone to support political candidates that share the same vision as that of Soros. For instance, George Soros has always been stimulated by American politics, taking particular notice of Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency. For twelve years, George was nowhere to be seen especially regarding politics in the United States of America. However, Hillary’s interest in the world’s top seat forced George to resurface and come and offer moral and financial support to his close friend and ally of more than two decades. During the campaign season, Soros was generous enough to give $25 million to Hillary’s campaign team.

Unlike any other election, George’s appearance in the political limelight of America was more significant in 2016 than it was in 2004 since he also convinced most of his friends to rally their support behind Hillary Clinton. By campaigning heavily for Hillary among the elite, she was able to gunner high numbers of votes countrywide. In his unique way, George Soros held Hillary’s hand in her bid to reach the ‘promised land.’ Although Soros started working as a railway porter and waiter, he has been able to influence the world positively through charity. With a net worth of more than $25 billion, the young boy from Hungary has been able to prove to the world that effort and perseverance are all we need to succeed in life. Today, Soros is renowned as being the man who singlehandedly keeps governments in check, by employing peaceful means of fighting social injustices.

Aloha Construction Excels at Interior Restoration

Honesty and trustworthiness to do the job are characteristics that can be difficult to find in the restoration business. Attention to detail is our X Factor at Aloha Construction. We guarantee careful attention to each area of renovation be it fire hazards, water damage, mold restoration, by achieving a professional finish. Our prompt and courteous team of restorers delivers beyond expectation, freshen up and breathe life to your interior increasing your home’s value.

Quality restoration is only achieved by Aloha Construction based in Lake Zurich, Illinois. Our team consists of experienced certified contractors who are well- adept at restoration and renovation techniques. Aloha Construction prides itself in proper communication skills with our customers and always plans ahead of time.

Before commencing work, our staff will discuss their work plan and estimated time plan with the client so that the client is always in the loop and can stay on top of all projects occurring in their home or site. Much emphasis is placed on ensuring our customers are pleased with our work before moving forward.

Upon trusting us to restore and renovate your interior, Aloha Construction will offer free in home assessment of your property be it major or minor remodeling and ensure that you get back on your feet. Most people feel burdened to pay the fees for the appraisals. Smart home owners, however, don’t mind spending a couple of hundreds of dollars for the sake of acquiring a solid house. Some of the unscrupulous realtors out there will look you straight in the eye and lie that the house is okay to make a quick sale. Be wise, solicit for expert advice and opinion before you purchase a new home. Guys at Aloha Construction live for such kind of tasks; call them. For premium restoration that not only gives you a greatly improved look but also the unrivaled quality that keeps getting better and better with innovation, trust Aloha Construction to always get the job done.


Aloha Constructions Making a Full Circle of Services

Aloha Constructions, Inc. is a family-owned business of general contractors who have been serving Western Wisconsin and Illinois for many years. So far, Aloha Constructions has completed more than 18 0000 projects in a variety of locations, and the number is expanding rapidly every month.

Up to date, there are offices in Lake Zurich as well as in Bloomington. The former serves the counties of Cook, Lake, McHenry, and DuPage while the latter serves the counties, of Hoffman Estates, Normal, Washington, Morton, Bloomington, Wauconda, McClean, Peoria, Tazewell, as well as Champagne.

Aloha Construction kicked off 2017 with a new addition to the brand – a service that provides interior remodeling. Aloha Constructions has been focused on services such as roofing and siding, but a home requires work both on the outside and on the inside as well. So far, Aloha Constructions has been working on kitchens and bathrooms predominantly but the expertise of the teams is growing, and so are the clients of Aloha Constructions, Inc.

Aloha Constructions, Inc. offers roofing, and the company is, in fact, a leader in the Midwest regarding roofing replacement. The teams of Aloha Constructions are proficient at working with any material – cedar, asphalt, metal, shake, or clay. They do steep roofs as well as low slopes. The teams also do siding, gutters, and more.

After more than a decade in the business, Aloha Constructions Inc. is finally making a full circle in their business. Now that the company offers both exterior and interior work, Aloha Constructions is bound to experience an increase in popularity, clients, as well as office locations. The leader of Aloha Constructions is currently Mr. David A. Farbaky. He is at the position of president and chief executive officer. Mr. David Farbaky is extremely passionate about the family business, and he has been working diligently towards its growth and prosperity for many years.



How Tony Petrello Became a Success in Labor Industry

Tony Petrello is an entrepreneur and a leader who has shown a lot of expertise and professionalism in how he tackles issues in his career. He has for a long time been the head in labors industry taking four titles at once. Tony operates as the president, the chairman of the board, the chairman of the executive committee and the CEO of the firm. In his leadership, the company has emerged powerfully in the energy industry growing from an Anglo Energy limited to be among the largest in drilling contracts in the globe. The firm has also expanded to operate in more than 20 countries and total employees ranging to 13000. The company has also achieved several awards due to its success. These awards include EnCana Safety Recognition Award, Hero Award, Canadian Association of Oil Well drilling contracts award and Safety leadership award. Tony’s leadership has been a success to the firm and himself through getting high salaries in return.

Tony holds a title of the highest paid CEO after appearing in the list provided by the Equilars on the top paid Chief Executive Officers in the World in 2013.However, in 2014, things were not as expected as Nabors limited initiated some changes in the governance and compensation practices in the enterprise. The changes saw the splitting of the roles of their chief executive officers, Chairperson and also reducing the payments to senior managers. All these reduce Tony’s pay with some funds going back to share holders of the Company. Despite him not appearing in 2014 list, many envy Tony because of his success in the business.

Tony’s success has brought different reactions, especially from his schoolmates. In an interview with LLOYD Grove, one of his roommates in college, he vividly described how Tony’s success had affected his life. LLOYD is fighting depression and envy after learning that his schoolmate is the highest paid boss in the World. According to LLOYD, he has many classmate friends whom he competes with, but the rise of Anthony came like a big surprise. LLOYD describes Tony as an Italian-American extrovert who was excellent in mathematics but transitioned into law only to end up in entrepreneurship.

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The skilled American-Born Surgeon Jenifer Walden

Jenifer Walden is an American born surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery. Her dream started at an early age when she was still in kindergarten. This was when her teacher said she had doctor’s hands. Indeed, the culture of taking care of the people was introduced early in her life early as her father was a dentist and her mother a surgical nurse. Many refer to her as Wonder woman since there are very few women who specialize in this field. Her career was natured at the University of Texas where she obtained an undergraduate degree in biology. Walden then decided to seek for more where she applied for admission at the University of Texas Medical School graduating with a fellowship in aesthetic surgery. Her record at the University was outstanding as she graduated with the highest honors as a salutatorian in her class. To know more about him click here.

In addition, Walden was president of the Texas Alpha Chapter Medical Society where she exercised great skills in leadership. Besides that, she had also received numerous awards such as; The Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Award, among others. With the expertise Jennifer received during her career studies, Walden started out as a program Director at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital Aesthetic Surgery fellowship. As a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, she views herself as a rarity since not many women in the world are members of the leading professional organization. The single mom and mother of twins remarked in an interview, by Texas Monthly Interview, that she wanted to be single by choice since she wanted her children to be closer to her family. Apart from facial and breast surgery she is also famous in ThermiVa a vaginal rejuvenation treatment that tightens and restores its youthful appearance.


Steep Discounts on Beneful at Walmart

Walmart offers some incredible coupons and discount deals on Beneful dog food. While their deals offer some sharp discounts on Beneful dog food, Walmart’s standard prices are low as well and offer great price levels for many products.

Take their Beneful chicken flavored originals that is less than forty dollars for an over thirty pound bag of nutritious and blend. Alternatively, a weight control option for overweight dogs is known as the Beneful Healthy Weight blend and is only $27 for over thirty pounds of dry dog food.

Walmart also carries dog treats for dogs that are less than $5 per bag and contain large twists that dogs love. The Beneful healthy twists snack is good for developing your dogs teeth and helps to remove plaque buildup to protect their teeth. This one is peanut butter flavored but a variety of options exist. Walmart is truly the best place to stop for a variety of Beneful dog foods.

Marc Sparks: The Entrepreneur Who Keeps On Giving

Marc Sparks is a businessman and entrepreneur who is on a mission to extend his help to those who might have similar interests as him. He has been the backbone behind several successful business ventures which have all turned out profitable. He knows the ups and downs of business and has seen and experienced all that there is in the field, which is what has made him such a brilliant entrepreneur, to begin with. Using this knowledge that he currently possesses, he only saw it fit to pass it on to others, which is what he does currently, and just like everything else he has taken up, he has been extremely successful at it. Learn more:


Marc Sparks believes that if someone possesses a certain knowledge about something that can affect someone’s career positively, they should help the other by imparting this knowledge. Living by this principle, Marc Sparks has offered an incredible amount of insight that people in business would not be able to get anywhere else. His specialty is being able to take those companies that are destined to reach an end soon and turning them into something worth noting. He has done this for numerous companies, which is also what has gained him the reputation of being someone who can fix any business. Learn more:


Just like most people who are entrepreneurs and who have been successful on their own accord, Marc Sparks lives by his plan of action. He is of the opinion that any business can succeed if they have a good plan of action in place, which is of course well thought out. This is one of the reasons why so many of Marc Sparks’s business ideas have been successful in their fields.


Marc Sparks primary field of expertise is in telecommunications and media. Two of the largest companies that he has founded have been in this sector. Splash Media and Blue Jay Wireless are some of the most successful businesses that Marc Sparks has given life to, and are still up and running. He has also had his fair share of real estate ventures and has invested into numerous real estate projects across the country.


Marc Sparks has tried so hard to extend a helping hand to entrepreneurs that he even wrote his book for people who can’t access him because of geographical restrictions. The book is a detailed look into his life, and the business he started. It explains the ups and downs that he had to face and goes into depth about what an entrepreneur should look out for when starting his or her own business. Learn more:


Marc Sparks is someone who just keeps on giving. Outside the array of business, he helps underprivileged members of society by donating to organizations that are working to help the community.