Better Financial Business Strategies with John Goullet

John Goullet is a well-recognized entrepreneur and mostly deals with IT staffing. He got his masters degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College, he started as an IT consultant when he began his job as an IT. In the year1994 he embarked into IT staffing. John Goullet had a lot of experience and skills which he had got this inspired him in targeting to reach greater levels. He founded Info Technologies since he found out on how the market trends run. Info Technologies provides IT staffing solutions to various types of organization everywhere the world. Over 500 companies have beneficiated from the Info Technologies.

Info Technology through John Goullet management in over a period of 5years it has attained $30 million and was named by Inc. Magazine to be the top private US Company that progressed firstly. His drive and inspiration in IT made him link Info Technologies and Diversant Inc which it later transformed and become singles as Diversant LLC. John Goullet main key of the organization is to bring new fresh ideas techniques which help the company to pass through challenges that they may occur. Diversant has brought together its staff members of the IT industry to work speedily with each other in new innovation way in order to make the company progress and reach greater level.

Good morals and high self-esteem are the key major values of the company that motivated his staff members, they also display these specifics values in their offices which they working in, these features are the traits to be successful in IT business.

Apart from these features there are others include which comprises coordination and better standards they as well involved in the growth of the company.Diversant LLC, is the leading African-American company in the US.

The organization is well-known because of its advancement of accomplishment in finance therefore making John Goullet is. By devoting and maintaining the company features are the main principal that helped in the progression of the company.



Highland Capital Management Gives a $1 Million Challenge Grant to The Family Place

According to Crunchbase, James Dondero, Highland Capital Management’s co-founder and President announced that the firm had awarded The Family Place with a $1 million challenge grant. The Family Place supports victims of domestic violence across Dallas.

The grant will help the humanitarian organization raise the remaining $2.8 million towards its legacy campaign scheduled in the next six months. James Dondero made the announcement during a trailblazer award luncheon held at Hilton Anatole in Dallas.

The grant would be administered through Highland’s philanthropic arm, Highland Dallas Foundation. The grant will match up to $1 million of any funds raised towards the capital campaign until April 4, 2017. Since the beginning of the fundraiser, the humanitarian organization has already raised an additional $200,000 towards its capital campaign.

With a deficit of $2.8 million to reach the targeted $16.5 million for The Family Place’s capital campaign, Highland’s challenge grant ensures that the campaign finishes successfully. According to James Dondero, Highland’s grant answers a call to action by the Dallas community to alleviate life-threatening issues.

Being a member of the civic community in Dallas, The Family Place commits to making things happen. As such, Highlands felt impressed by The Family Place’s philanthropic approach to this concept from inception to the final stage. Therefore, Highlands takes pride in investing alongside humanitarian organization such as The Family Place. Learn more about James Dandero:

Paige Flink, the CEO of The Family Place says that this is an opportunity to extend their philanthropic efforts by providing lifesaving shelter and life-changing services to the victim of domestic conflicts.

The Family Place will use the generated funds for the construction of a counselling center for the domestic violence victims. The facility will be named in honor of its benefactor, Ann Moody. It will have a centralized call center, a counselling room for children and adults, 13 emergency shelter rooms, medical clinic, and multipurpose training centers.

About Highland Capital Management

Founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada, Highlands Capital Management is a duly registered investment advisor, which together with its subsidiaries manages approximately $16 billion of assets. It is one of the nation’s largest and experienced provider of global-scale alternative credit services.

Ignition Financial Payment Slashing



There are a lot of people today who are struggling with their high debt loads. Over the past couple of years, a lot of people have started to invest in this area of their life. If you can reduce your monthly debt payments, it is like getting a raise at work. Many people have started working with a variety of companies in this industry in order to take things to the next level in their life. Ignition Financial is the perfect company to help you refinance your auto loans from the past. This is a company that is dedicated to providing great service for a number of reasons. Not only can they offer you ways to take things to the next level in your life, but they can also invest in a number of areas for you. Lowering the interest rates on your debt is the best way to save money on your payments.


Ignition Financial


Ignition Financial was started as a company built on customer service. If you are ready to start investing in your future, this is the company that can help you during the process. There are a lot of people who are ready to start investing in these areas in order to save money and start investing for other goals in their life. Over the long term, Ignition Financial is a company that is ready to invest for the future. Start taking the next step in this area today in order to invest and make a difference in your monthly payments. If you are ready to say slash my payments, this is the company to work with.


Customer Service


In the auto loan industry, there are a lot of companies that are only interested in making money. However, Ignition Financial is a company that is focused on the future for a variety of reasons. Not only do they care about providing great service, but they want you to come back as much as possible. This is a company that is ready to invest in your financial future, and they have a lot of ways to help you get there. With all of the changes that are coming, this is the way to go.


Future Planning for Debt


Before taking out an auto loan, you need to make sure that you understand the amount of money that you will be paying every month. A lot of companies try to hide how much the monthly payment is going to be from their customers. However, Ignition Financial is a company that is built on the long term trajectory of this business. If you are ready to start investing in a better financial future, Ignition Financial is the company to work with. They have done a great job over the years of helping other people get to the next level. If you want to start investing in these areas, they can help you get there.


Nathaniel Ru Helping Sweetgreen Take The Food Industry

Speaking to the Business Insider as one of the co-founders and as a co-chief executive officer, Nathaniel Ru walks us through the company’s success journey from a small kitchen to having several locations in the country. The company began as a kitchen where customers would line up and enjoy a large salad at cost friendly prices. The company is found on sustainability and value for money and for that reason it goes out of the way to give the consumers excellent and variety of products. When most farmers plough back the broccoli leaves the company requests the farmers to supply them and use them for sandwiches and salads which gives the customers plenty of options when it comes to healthy eating habits.



Sweetgreen has adopted the urge to please their customers. The company relies on extensive understanding of their customers and strives to do what their customers appreciate. Unlike the normal restaurants where the kitchen is behind and can’t be accessed by customers, at Sweetgtreen’s when you walk in the kitchen can be seen by the customers which gives them confidence that their meals are being handled well. These modifications as Nathaniel states, are some of the aspects that keep customers coming back for more of their services.



The company incorporates technology to give their customers the experience in the store. Ru feels that customers who walk in physically and those that order through the app should enjoy the same experience so that they can continue visiting the site to order. The same experience is felt at Sweetlife Festival. Using the same core values as their driving force, Sweetlife brings together music lovers and food lovers together to celebrate life. Through discipline understanding their customers and deep commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Ru and his partners have established the Sweetlife to be the most hyped and attended festival in the area.



Nathaniel Ru is an alumni of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. This gave him a platform to venture into business. With little experience as an entrepreneur, together with his partners they started these two fast growing companies. This shows that skills ambition and self-motivation plays a major role in where he is today and where he is headed as well. Ru is a hard worker and interacts well with his customers which keeps them coming back for sharing the same values as them.

How IAP Has Solved Many Challenges In Recent Times

IAP`s mission is to give world class standard services to customers satisfaction. IAP is busy to develop and create programs which add value to its employees. IAP have members who help each other solve problem and is a top international service company for over 65 years giving a large number of services to the US and International Government Agencies and organizations on Being the world leading, it provides season managed programs. IAP offers safe and reliable answers to customers needs at 110 locations in about 27 countries. IAP is found in Washington DC, Florida, Maryland, Oklahoma, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. IAP provides different types of job opportunities like a Plumber who can repair broken pipes and assemble them and fitting water and drainage systems, an Electrician who able to deal with electrical trade functions and problems. They also need air traffic control specialist.

Kaye Scholer is the law firm that started in 1917 by Benjamin key and Jacob scholar. The firm has over 450 Attorneys in 9 offices in Chicago-Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, and New York City. IAP is busy to develop and create programs which add value to its employees. IAP is a top international service company giving a large number of services to the US and International Government Agencies and organizations. Being the world leading it provides season managed programs.

In 2006, American Lawyer magazine highlighted Kaye Scholer as finished litigation company of the year. Kaye Scholer has highly offered transactional exercise. IAP decided to support US Army to distribute common ground system contract valued $ 53 million. The IAP Company said they got a tender to supply logistics and train support managers.IAP distributed ground system-Army, at Fort Hood, Texas, and location worldwide.IAP finds and eliminates problems that are taking place in our nations. IAP provides aircraft upgrade programs, looking for better Equipment repairs aircraft parts and also engineering services. IAP provides modern technology to change high-tech details and communication resources. Most of the customers all over the world depend on IAP, for improving and keeping their power plant safe. IAP provides integrated networks guarantee United States Government reach their goal of in dynamic issues. IAP recently signed a deal with US Navy to provide United States security groups with best services like field hospital and airfield machines. IAP said they would support to the Hurricane Matthew affected people. IAP has sent out different teams in areas affected like Florida, North Carolina Fort Bragg and the East coast.

Taking A Look At One Russian Multi-Entrepreneur

Fluent in Russian, English, and French, Alexei Beltyukov is extremely capable of having businesses in different countries and being known as a world-wide financial professional as well as a philanthropist.

Mainly considered a Russian entrepreneur, Alexei is and was involved in a large number of international companies and organizations. He is the Chairman of the Board of New Gas Technologies that he founded in October 2006 and which has branches in Moscow, Switzerland, and Houston, Texas.

Also current is Endemic Capital that he founded in 2013, which is an early stage tech investment club, and being the Chairman of Mechanicus, a brand of Russian auto-repair. He is also a Board Observer at Foro Energy, which commercializes high power lasers for the natural gas, oil, mining, and geothermal industries.

In 2014, he sold a management company that he founded and in which he was a Managing Partner. In Russia and Latvia it specialized on operational turnarounds of industrial companies. For over two years he worked for SOLVY in the San Francisco Bay Area, an interactive online platform where students learn and explore mathematics in a personalized program.

For three years he was the Senior VP for Business Development and Commercialization of the Russian Skolkovo Foundation. He led the beginning set-up and through the explosive growth period where he was involved with the initial 900 companies and 12,700 jobs and managed a $1-1.5 billion annual budget.

For over five years Alexei was an Associate and then Engagement Manager of McKinsey & Company with branches in Russia, Norway, and the United States. He led projects in the oil industry, transportation, insurance, metals and mining and co-authored the Russian rail system reform plan.

Alexei Beltyukov is also active as the Founder of the INSEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship and was an Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD for four years where he helped MBA students develop their new ventures. He himself was a 1997 graduate of INSEAD with a business MBA.

Eric Lefkofsky Is Tackling One of the Biggest Medical Issues in the World

The term tempus might not be immediately recognizable. The strict definition of tempus is that it’s Latin for time. Tempus is also the name of a company that’s starting to catch a lot of attention. It’s also the current focus of entrepreneur extraordinaire Eric Lefkofsky. With Lefkofsky acting as president one can be sure of results. After all, Lefkofsky is the founder of Groupon. The service revolutionized how people relate to their daily financial choices. He’s seeking to have just as much or even more impact on people’s health. With Tempus, Lefkofsky is tackling one of the world’s most difficult medical issues. He’s working on finding new and effective ways for treating cancer at the genetic and molecular level.

There’s a lot of news everyday on new ways to treat cancer. It might not be clear at first just what differentiates the work of Tempus from other forms of treatment. One of the main points comes down to a sphere in which Lefkofsky has previously excelled. Tempus is working on the cutting edge of computational medicine. It’s easy to forget that cancer itself is a continuing process by which a person’s own genetics are turned against them. Cancer, essentially, is a part of the person trying to fight it off. This is one of the biggest issues when it comes to treating cancer. The cancerous cells really are another part of the patient’s body. It’s simply that those cells have some genetic damage causing them to operate and replicate incorrectly. This genetic basis for the condition is one of the big reasons why so many people are eagerly watching Tempus.

Tempus is working on methods to directly target cancer in the areas which differentiate it from normal human cells. It might seem like a common sense approach that would have been used extensively already. One can see why this isn’t the case simply from the nature of Lefkofsky’s relationship with the company. Basically, working on anything at the genetic level is incredibly cutting edge work. It’s also something that relies on heavy duty computational techniques that most people aren’t comfortable with yet.

One of the most important things about Lefkofsky is his overall vision. Most people view computers as a tool to accomplish one given task. To Eric Lefkofsky, computers are a multipurpose tool which should be able to enhance almost any part of life. This kind of all encompassing vision is what drove Groupon to be such a revolutionary technology. It took existing tools and combined them into something nobody else had been able to see before. Lefkofsky saw that companies had something to offer potential customers. He also saw that these potential customers all had methods of instantly connecting with a company.

It was only when Lefkofsky stepped in to create a bridge with Groupon that the two groups could actually come together to benefit each other. This is similar to what he can bring to Tempus. He’s someone who sees the potential in the various tools that are out there, and how it can come together to meet an unmatched need. In this case how computers can be used to go over huge amounts of complex medical data in order to help offer up new treatment options.

More news for Eric Lefkofksy here:


How Nathaniel Ru and Company Are Creating a New Model of Fast Food

If legacy restaurants could start from the foundation, most of them would wish to look like Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is a high-end salad chain that is backed by global investors like Danny Meyer, Steve Case, and Daniel Boulud. It is hitting in all the leading food retailers locally and internationally. The recipe resonates with diners, who always keep lines long at all the Sweetgreen’s 40 locations. Ru and his colleagues are creating a brand that stands for something because they want to feed more people with better food.


The Georgetown University former classmates are also tech pioneers, and as a result, 30% of Sweetgreen transactions are carried out on its website or through mobile app. Ru says that technology has always been a part of their DNA.


The dynamic entrepreneurs are also rethinking their management strategies. To stay closer to its customers, Sweetgreen almost entirely shuts down its corporate office five times in a year so that every one of its employees can work in its food joints. The company, which opened offices in Los Angeles, functions without headquarters because the co-CEOs are bicoastal as they try to expand the company nationally.


About Nathaniel Ru and Sweetlife

Nathaniel Ru is a former student of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business who graduated in 2007 with a BSC in Finance. In the same year, Ru and two other fellow Georgetown graduates started Sweetgreen, a fast seasonal kitchen with major focus on sustainability as well as local sourcing. Their first premises were in Georgetown itself. Sweetgreen has now penetrated other 27 locations in around six states with plans to venture to the west coast soon. The idea of starting this company was born from their common belief that the community required a delicious, healthy and eco-friendly food options.


In 2010, Ru and his partners launched the Sweetlife, now the region’s leading music and food fiesta. The event attracts over 20000 attendees. It features cutting edge as well as high profile artists and food from top chefs, local purveyors, food trucks and farmers. Just like their restaurants, Sweetlife upholds good living, health together with community sustainability. This exciting event leaves a gentle as well as a carbon-neutral footprint in the minds of the attendees.


The Sweetgreen trademark has received numerous accolades, including from the Washington Post, USA Today, Forbes, Bloomberg, Food & Wine, Washingtonion, CBS, and CNBC. Ru and his partners have also been featured in Forbes’ “30 under 30, Food and Wine” as well as Wine Magazine’s “40 Big Food Thinkers.

Global Opportunities

In order to find a good balance between financial success and future opportunities there needs to be put in to place some form of advanced calculation program that can rate the current market with what is available. In terms of the real estate market, especially after the housing crisis of 2008, these calculations are doubly important to integrate in to a business model. In order to solve these issues for itself, Davos Real Estate has recently designed an innovative software program that accurately adjusts costs from real estate profits. This makes it easier for the company to evaluate itself and therefore it can have more wiggle room to provide its customers with excellent deals and services.

The company was founded by David Osio, a native of Venezuela who came to the United States in order to provide support to the Latin American community and bring to them some form of representation in a society that often times forgets them. Osio is able to empathize with the Latin American citizens of the United States, offering them excellent deals on housing options and bring to them a high level of respect that they normally do not receive from other real estate companies. Osio takes these individuals needs seriously, and his rising success as a real estate broker and company owner proves this claim.

In order for Osio to move forward in the United States he needs to offer his main clientele the same opportunities to finding a home as anyone else. Since Davos Real Estate is located in the heart of Miami, Florida, this is usually not a problem, especially when Osio can use his rich cultural heritage as a ambassadorial point when making deals with his potential customers.

The United States, as with the rest of the world, needs to quickly learn to diversify and accept offers from all walks of life. Thanks to the creation of the internet the world is altogether connected on a variety of different levels. By bridging gaps in cultural understanding customers and companies are able to communicate and do business regardless of where they call home. This new implementation by Davos Real Estate will assist them in saving money, and which in turn can be used to better serve their customers in the Latin American community. This is key to future success, in a world where such cultural literacy greatly matters and will continue.

Award given to SEC whistleblower Lawyer

The fact that insider trading is a federal crime does not seem to be doing a lot to dissuade the traders from engaging in the crime. This is perhaps the reason why incentives like awarding whistleblowers are being put in place by SEC. The latest person to be awarded is a client of Labaton Sucharow LLP. The client has been awarded a whooping $17 million for giving information about a planned deal. The award is the second largest that the firm has received since it was set up in 2010.

The program is created such that when a client comes across information and they give it to the law firm, the investigation starts. Most of the times, the bulk of the work that is done by the SEC is trying to recover the money that has been lost. Once the money has been returned, the whistleblower will receive 30 percent of the total sum. This is supposed to encourage whistleblowers to come forward.

The case that was reported involved a large player in the Securities Exchange Market. The person was investigated by the SEC Whistleblower lawyer when the client gave the information they had gathered. The process is handled in a manner that maintains the anonymity of the client to protect them from retribution. When the award is being presented, the details of the particular case are not disclosed either, as this can assist the people figure out who snitched on them and retaliate.

The SEC Whistleblower attorney, who was the representative of the firm at the awards, was happy about the action of their client in reporting the fraud. He praised the efforts of the client in making sure that the matter was reported before huge amounts of money were lost. He expressed optimism that more protective measures would be put in place, allowing more whistleblowers to come forward with information.

The whistleblower is not allowed to attend the ceremony. Despite this step being taken, the firm realized that the accused had retaliated and decided to file a lawsuit against the other party. A fund has been set up by the government to make sure that all whistle blowers are awarded and it is replenished every year.

The act on consumer protection and the Dodd-Frank reform on Wall Street are the two legislations that made the act on whistleblowers possible. Labaton and sucharow was created to deal specifically with insider trading and other SEC irregularities. It is great to see more people stepping up to shed light into shady deals.