Nathaniel Ru Helping Sweetgreen Take The Food Industry

Speaking to the Business Insider as one of the co-founders and as a co-chief executive officer, Nathaniel Ru walks us through the company’s success journey from a small kitchen to having several locations in the country. The company began as a kitchen where customers would line up and enjoy a large salad at cost friendly prices. The company is found on sustainability and value for money and for that reason it goes out of the way to give the consumers excellent and variety of products. When most farmers plough back the broccoli leaves the company requests the farmers to supply them and use them for sandwiches and salads which gives the customers plenty of options when it comes to healthy eating habits.



Sweetgreen has adopted the urge to please their customers. The company relies on extensive understanding of their customers and strives to do what their customers appreciate. Unlike the normal restaurants where the kitchen is behind and can’t be accessed by customers, at Sweetgtreen’s when you walk in the kitchen can be seen by the customers which gives them confidence that their meals are being handled well. These modifications as Nathaniel states, are some of the aspects that keep customers coming back for more of their services.



The company incorporates technology to give their customers the experience in the store. Ru feels that customers who walk in physically and those that order through the app should enjoy the same experience so that they can continue visiting the site to order. The same experience is felt at Sweetlife Festival. Using the same core values as their driving force, Sweetlife brings together music lovers and food lovers together to celebrate life. Through discipline understanding their customers and deep commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Ru and his partners have established the Sweetlife to be the most hyped and attended festival in the area.



Nathaniel Ru is an alumni of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. This gave him a platform to venture into business. With little experience as an entrepreneur, together with his partners they started these two fast growing companies. This shows that skills ambition and self-motivation plays a major role in where he is today and where he is headed as well. Ru is a hard worker and interacts well with his customers which keeps them coming back for sharing the same values as them.