Meet Eric Pulier- A Man With a Love for People and Technology

If you are like me and have a passion for people and technology you will be fascinated by the individual named Eric Pulier. Eric is a well-known entrepreneur, inventor, and philanthropist who has been involved with technology since grade school. Eric is involved with many different charitable organizations and has founded more than 15 businesses throughout his career. Eric serves as the executive director of the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council and is also an Innovation Board Member of the X-Prize Foundation. Eric also regularly attends and speaks at technology conferences, seminars, and expos around the world. Many of the endeavors that Eric is involved with include technology and are focused on helping make the world a brighter place for children suffering from terminal and chronic illnesses. Some of you may know Eric through his leadership role and role in developing the digital platform known as Starbright World which is used specifically by children suffering from life-altering illnesses. Starbright World which was created by Eric received international attention due to the involvement of Steven Spielberg on the project. Eric’s resume includes significant experience in the technology sector as well as an incredible education which started it all. Eric attended Harvard immediately after graduating High School in 1984. He graduated from Harvard with his bachelor’s degree as Magna Cum Laude in 1988. To learn more about this incredible individual named Eric Pulier and the endeavors that he is a part of check out his website here. You will be absolutely amazed at just how many things he is involved with that are changing the future for the better.