Keith and Keely Mann Present New Opportunity to NY Youth

Have you ever dreamed of attending college? Have you ever wished that if you could get your college degree you would be set for life? I think we have all been there before and we have all thought if we could just get this one thing together then perhaps life would be easy.Maybe or maybe not

Keith and Keely Mann have always been my favorite business duo. I have long admired them from a far secretly wishing I had what it took to be as successful as they were. I could never seem to figure it out until they became my mentors and suddenly their recipe for success clicked for me in an amazing way.

Keith Mann decided he wanted to do something for their community and that something was to launch a scholarship. Together, Keith and Keely launched a scholarship in partnership with Uncommon Schools. The scholarship was targeted at students who wanted to attend college but did not have the financial compensation necessary to even apply for college. In order to be eligible you have to simply write an essay about how receiving this scholarship would help you as you journey to accomplish your dreams.

This sort of philanthropy is nothing new for Keith and Keely Mann who have long been veterans of the search executive world. He launched Dynamic Search Partners and work together to build and develop some of the nation’s top leaders.

Any students interested in scholarships must apply now before time runs out.