Kate Hudson Takes on Jeff Bezos and Amazon

When it comes to becoming the leader in retail Amazon is taking a lot of hits from other companies. There has already been a long going battle between Walmart and Amazon when it comes to free shipping and online orders for customers.


Walmart is introducing a concept that is similar to the Amazon Prime free shipping. This is something that is making Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos look at what he can do to maximize returns on investments with the products that he is promoting. In the midst of the war with Walmart Amazon has another fierce competitor in retail athletic clothing for women. This competitor is Fabletics and CEO Kate Hudson is the one that is putting a damper on the strategies that Amazon may have embraced in the past.


Kate Hudson is able to compete and possibly even out do Jeff Bezos because she is able to engage in what is known as reverse showcasing. With this concept Kate is able to actually have customers log on to the Fabletics site and take the style quiz. With taking the style quiz they have a chance to see exactly what type of products they may be interested in. They can make a choice to order these products online, but they also have the ability to go straight into a store and try these products on as well. This is what has made so many people take interest in what Kate is doing with Fabletics. She has found a way to lure customers to the site, but she is also making her rounds when it comes to opening more stores. There is talk about how there are more than 100 stores that are going to be opening for Fabletics in the next 5 years. This is very impressive for a store that it did not even exist 10 years ago. What it shows is that Kate Hudson is a business-minded entrepreneur that has her eyes set on a target that is much bigger than the competition with Amazon. She is not simply worried about a competition with Jeff Bezos alone. Kate has actually proven that she wants to be the leader and she is willing to compete against anyone that gets in her way when it comes to promoting athletic clothing for women. She is a strong contender for the number one spot, and people are embracing what she is doing.