Jason Hopes contributions

Sometimes what people do on their daily basis may determine how their future will be. Sometimes young people may not put in consideration how they need to spend their old days. For instance, people who are drug addicts may have a short lifespan. Sometimes it is better to prevent than to treat. That’s why Jason Hope always advise people to keep on avoiding the occurrence of some instances rather than managing them.

Jason Hope is well known for is work in advising people on to prevent age-related illness. Hope is using his money and influence people to ensure that he advances anti-aging initiatives. To succeed in his job, Hope has decided to mobilize people and also educate them on the importance of preventing aging illness.

According to Hope, the major diseases that disturb people on their old ages are diabetics and arthritis. Hope says that he is interested by the work done by SENS foundation. This association is geared to less treating of diseases and more in preventing the occurrence of the illnesses.

SENS foundation was formed in 2009 with the aim of tackling age-related diseases. The organization is said to be non-profit oriented. Hope interest in the company began in 2010 when he started funding the company to enhance its functioning. In 2010, Hope donated half a million to the organization, and this funds improved the firm to establish its Cambridge SENS Laboratory to do new research initiatives.

Hope disclosed that he has a firm belief in the work being done by SENS in advancing the human medicine. This approach majorly puts into consideration preventing measures rather than treating methods. The metabolic activities of the body gradually damage the body slowly. This damage leads to diseases associated with old age. The SENS works specifically in treating this injury.

Hope who is a native from Arizona is also an inventor, business consultant, and even a futurist. Hope grew up in Tembe and received a degree in finance from Arizona State University. His primary interests are philanthropic work and business, but he is also dedicated to politics. Hope is majorly known for his work in preventing diseases associated with old age.

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