James Dondero’s Plans for the Future

James Dondero is an innovative investor who is a well respected individual among fellow investors of the Dallas community. His company is Highland Capital Management which was founded by him in 1993 with the purpose of building an alternative investment firm that can give back to the community through expert advice of the most relevant investments that can be made. This company not only manages hedge funds, but also manages structured investments and even investments that are considered to be distressed. James Dondero, with his decades of experience has been able to add even more to the company through global equity, fixed income, as well as hedging markets. Dondero’s ability to read trends has made him and his team one of the most sought after investment firms to use for the guarantee of a high profit to be made. James Dondero has a passion for investment and wants to share his passion with the world.

In recent news, James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management has announced the company’s new and more dedicated involvement with philanthropy. The company believes that they should not only be giving back to the clients of Highland Capital, but should also continue to give even more back to the community in order to encourage growth and wealth to continue within Dallas. James has pursued this idea by forming a partnership with Linda Owen who is a civic leader of Dallas. This individual is renowned within the city for her expertise when it comes to philanthropy and will be able to build this investment firm’s philanthropy portfolio.

Linda Owen is the former president of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation and has since then been dedicated full to give back to her beloved community. Ms. Owen has join Mr. Dondero’s team and has become the manager of the charitable organization that has been started by Mr. Dondero. Examples of her good work with the firm is through the $3 million that was donated through the Dallas Foundation in order to help the community. Like the investment firm, Ms. Owen is especially passionate about helping with education, healthcare, as well as veteran issues.

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