How Tony Petrello Became a Success in Labor Industry

Tony Petrello is an entrepreneur and a leader who has shown a lot of expertise and professionalism in how he tackles issues in his career. He has for a long time been the head in labors industry taking four titles at once. Tony operates as the president, the chairman of the board, the chairman of the executive committee and the CEO of the firm. In his leadership, the company has emerged powerfully in the energy industry growing from an Anglo Energy limited to be among the largest in drilling contracts in the globe. The firm has also expanded to operate in more than 20 countries and total employees ranging to 13000. The company has also achieved several awards due to its success. These awards include EnCana Safety Recognition Award, Hero Award, Canadian Association of Oil Well drilling contracts award and Safety leadership award. Tony’s leadership has been a success to the firm and himself through getting high salaries in return.

Tony holds a title of the highest paid CEO after appearing in the list provided by the Equilars on the top paid Chief Executive Officers in the World in 2013.However, in 2014, things were not as expected as Nabors limited initiated some changes in the governance and compensation practices in the enterprise. The changes saw the splitting of the roles of their chief executive officers, Chairperson and also reducing the payments to senior managers. All these reduce Tony’s pay with some funds going back to share holders of the Company. Despite him not appearing in 2014 list, many envy Tony because of his success in the business.

Tony’s success has brought different reactions, especially from his schoolmates. In an interview with LLOYD Grove, one of his roommates in college, he vividly described how Tony’s success had affected his life. LLOYD is fighting depression and envy after learning that his schoolmate is the highest paid boss in the World. According to LLOYD, he has many classmate friends whom he competes with, but the rise of Anthony came like a big surprise. LLOYD describes Tony as an Italian-American extrovert who was excellent in mathematics but transitioned into law only to end up in entrepreneurship.

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