How Adam Milstein Approaches Entrepreneurship

Adam Milstein is the Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties and he has been a force in the real estate world for several decades now. Milstein, a prominent philanthropist and community participant, has always been focused on making sure that his work extends beyond just the realm of business transactions. Milstein was born and raised in Israel. Milstein graduated from Technion in 1978 and by 1981 he had moved to the United States in order to attend USC and pursue his dreams in real estate. Let’s take a closer look at Milstein’s work in order to try and learn from his entrepreneurial success.

Any conversation with Adam Milstein is going to revolve around his decision to move to the United States of America. For Milstein the reason he moved to the USA was simple: he wanted to pursue a higher education in order to make his business dreams a reality. Milstein says, “I came here to acquire higher education and went to USC and received an MBA in entrepreneurship.” Still, a higher education didn’t mean that Milstein was receiving job offers or wages that he was comfortable with. Milstein had to overcome his background in order to find success in America. Milstein says, “They were offering me less than what undergrad students were making. I decided to go out on my own, and started working as a real estate commercial broker.”

Seizing your own future is the dream of every entrepreneur and Milstein did it with aplomb. After deciding to throw off the shackles of being a subordinate he began to focus on growing his own company. Milstein says of the experience, “When you start a business, you don’t know what your day will look like. There is more structure as you acquire more assets and complete more activities.”

Becoming an entrepreneur is all about squeezing out every possible idea you can and really embracing them. For Milstein it is simple, “If someone else can’t do it, you should do it yourself.” Milstein’s success with Hager Pacific Properties is simply beginning to speak for itself and the company is continuing to grow as a result.