George Soros Accomplishes His Political and Philanthropic Goals Through the Open Society Foundation

George Soros is a household name when it comes to American politics. Soros is a business tycoon, philanthropist, and an author. The 87 year-old is well-known as one of the biggest critics that Donald Trump has so far. He is known to be a supporter of Democratic Party, and that is through generous contributions to its candidates such as Hillary Clinton. Soros is said to have donated more than $25 million in support of her campaigns, which put her in a better position than Trump. In 2004 George gave approximately $27 million in a move to try and prevent the then president George .W. Bush from being reelected. The man who currently takes the 19th position on the wealthiest people on earth list also supported Former President Barrack Obama who was also a Democrat candidate. After 2004, George reduced his political donations and said that he would now focus on his liberal side. He has always been at the fore front when it comes to helping people and has given more than 13 billion to nonprofit organizations and movements through the Open Society Foundation. George is famous for his charity donations, which aim at poverty reduction and also bringing justice and equality to the society. A good example of such is the Ferguson protests.

The Hungary-born man is known for his active role in the protests, in which he put in at least 33 million U.S dollars. The main aim of doing so was to support the activists and turn the protests into a movement that will create a stronger impact. According to the director of the Soros Open society Foundation, the move would help in creating a more democratic government, which will involve even the minority groups of people. To achieve the motive, Soros chipped in by bringing together protestors in Ferguson through online campaigns. Soros used other groups that he funds such as Colorlines and others in Newyork such as ST Louis to monitor and collect any info related to the protests to ensure that no adverse information was made about the Ferguson protests.

That would make sure that only accurate info would be published. Through this, social media campaign hash tags such as Black Lives matter grew to become a social trend, which even led to bus tours from Boston to other towns.The Gamaliel Foundation, which is also sponsored by Soros also called out to the clergy and men like Rev Jeremiah Wright and others who spoke about racial issues on the weekend known as Hands up Sabbath. That way, issues of racism and equality are addressed. The youth also got to raise their issues through the Ferguson protests. Ferguson protest is a movement fighting for justice and equality in the society, thanks to George Soros. They give a platform where the minority groups can raise their concerns and also create a democratic government where everyone matters.