Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Pursuing Cancer Breakthroughs

As a founder of the company Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky understands better than many about the demand for new innovation in the medical field in terms of cancer and helping those who are living with the dreaded disease at this time. The fact is, that nearly 40 percent of United States adults will eventually hear those tough words of diagnosis from a doctor as they then begin the battle to overcome the odds. That is why the firm is pushing for new implementations of precision medicine that will use a patient’s genetic content and other data from cellular analysis in order to shape a treatment that is unique to them and most likely to succeed.

He knows that despite the healthcare industry being alight with an intense furor about electronic healthcare records and the related apparatus, there is still much to be done in order for the latest technology to be put into full effect. There may be an influx of patient data that fills many databases, but the ability to leverage what is collected in order to help determine a proper course of treatment is still absent in the majority of hospitals and clinics.

It took a loved one receiving the diagnosis to set Mr. Lefkofsky on the path to realizing Tempus as a business. This impetus eventually led to the company being started a couple of years ago in 2015. Venture funding has allowed many with similar interests to make their investment as a way to collaborate with his vision. Now, the Tempus software continues to push the boundaries and allow new ways for this patient information to be made even more useful rather than just sitting in storage somewhere. Natural language processing and optical character recognition are a couple of the features that allow physician notes to become more valuable. Also, molecular data such as human genome sequencing continues to become more economical to obtain as companies like Lefkofsky’s Tempus strive to get the price of obtaining that information down into a realm that will allow it to be used with nearly every client. There are sure to be many more great things to come from Tempus.