Dr. Weisfogel – Well Known Dentist in the New Jersey Area

Avi Weisfogel is a man of many interests. In fact, he is one of the leading dental providers in the New Jersey area and he takes great pride in offering exceptional services throughout the community. On top of the services he provides, he has founded a company called Dental Sleep Masters that is dedicated to educating dental offices in relation to sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. He founded the company to help offices locate and identify patients with sleep disturbances such as obstructive sleep apnea. Many people throughout the world suffer from sleep apnea and it affects their entire life along with their health. Most people have similar symptoms and Avi Weisfogel can help offices identify the signs through his Sleep Masters Program. He also has a specific oral device that many patient’s can benefit from, and it can be offered at each office with proper fitting measures. This can eliminate the obstruction that is caused in the throat when people fall asleep and relax their airway.

Not only has he developed his own company, but he is an avid supporter of a charity called Operation Smile. He has started a GoFundMe campaign in efforts to help raise money for the foundation and he has donated $2000.00 of his very own money to get the fundraiser started. He is passionate about helping others, and Operation Smile is the perfect charity that has done just that. They have been helping young children and adolescents for over thirty years. They originally started in the year 80’s in the Philippines where they performed their firs surgery. They concentrate on patient’s who are in need of cleft palate surgery, cleft lip surgery or other facial deformity surgeries. Many young children have lost hope and can’t afford to have the surgery. That is where Operation Smile comes into place, to aid those children that need it and give them their hope back.

Dr. Weisfogel has also recently found a love for hip hop music and has started making some of his own tunes. He has developed a crowd of followers on Soundcloud and enjoys making music in his free time.

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