Dr. Jennifer Walden the Virtuoso of Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgery is something that everyone thinks about sometime in their lifetime. It doesn’t have to be something that people look at as a correction or being inferior. It can be a matter of boosting your self-esteem. Opening up new opportunities could be just around the corner and give you the confidence you need to pursue your dream. The talent is in you to do anything you have a desire to do, you just need that option of changing the thing in your appearance that you are unhappy with.

The important thing to remember is the fact that the decision you make is for you. Breast augmentation or facial surgery is a discussion you can have with Dr. Jennifer Walden to make a well-informed decision. Natural results are the goal you are aiming for and she is committed to the highest level of care as your physician.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a caring down-to-earth doctor that specializes in plastic surgeries. She grew up in Austin, Texas and graduated from the prestigious University of Texas. After graduating from Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, she was accepted as one of the two selected to do residency in the fellow-ship program for aesthetic surgery in New York. The highly-acclaimed Sherrell Aston backed by 30 years of professional experience was her mentor.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is not only an accomplished surgeon but served as a knowledgeable commentator on plastic surgery on the news circuits FOX AND ABC. Her field of expertise goes beyond the hands-on surgery. She co-authored along with Douglas S. Steinbrech and Sherrell Aston the textbook Aesthetics Plastic Surgery. She gives the advice to young women everywhere to go for their dream in the medical field. A professional career is possible with the support of family. Dr. Jennifer Walden takes her profession seriously and wants her patients to look their best.

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