Doing Something New: The Day George Soros Chose to Hold the World by his Hands

George Soros’ influence in philanthropy is felt the world over. Ever since he was a young man, George’s passion has been to change the world. Perhaps, George Soros passion for creating a better world has been driven by past ordeals, when he, unfortunately, saw people in his country getting discriminated all because of religion. Although he was bitter at the time, George has since learned to channel all his anger to doing good, particularly through his Open Society Foundations. George’s organization has held the hand of other smaller groups that fight for civil and human rights, helping countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia regain their dignity and freedom.Although born in Budapest, George Soros has found his success in London and America where he is renowned for being a great entrepreneur.

In reality, the knowledge obtained from the London School Economics has never failed Soros, not even for a single day. To date, George Soros has amassed wealth amounting to billions of dollars all because of his genius in Forex trading. As a result, Soros has been able to give more than $12 billion in support of philanthropic courses across the globe. Apart from the above, a huge chunk of George’s money has gone to support political candidates that share the same vision as that of Soros. For instance, George Soros has always been stimulated by American politics, taking particular notice of Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency. For twelve years, George was nowhere to be seen especially regarding politics in the United States of America. However, Hillary’s interest in the world’s top seat forced George to resurface and come and offer moral and financial support to his close friend and ally of more than two decades. During the campaign season, Soros was generous enough to give $25 million to Hillary’s campaign team.

Unlike any other election, George’s appearance in the political limelight of America was more significant in 2016 than it was in 2004 since he also convinced most of his friends to rally their support behind Hillary Clinton. By campaigning heavily for Hillary among the elite, she was able to gunner high numbers of votes countrywide. In his unique way, George Soros held Hillary’s hand in her bid to reach the ‘promised land.’ Although Soros started working as a railway porter and waiter, he has been able to influence the world positively through charity. With a net worth of more than $25 billion, the young boy from Hungary has been able to prove to the world that effort and perseverance are all we need to succeed in life. Today, Soros is renowned as being the man who singlehandedly keeps governments in check, by employing peaceful means of fighting social injustices.