Cotemar Mexico; the leader in oil and gas

In the world of oil and gas Cotemar Mexico is the ultimate leader. They offer services that are geared to enhancing the oil industry. The company has over 37 years of experience in the business, and so they offer quality services.



When the company was founded, its main goal was to provide services for enhancing and supporting the oil industry. They did this in two channels; through the accommodation and catering services. In 1979, the company was known for its services and also its specialized vessels. They were the first company to have the specialized dive vessels.



They did obtain great growth over the course of the years. They introduced more services in 1996. The services that they offer are offered in three channels;



« Accommodation and services; they offer these services to their personnel and also the customers. They have individual cabins that can accommodate between 2 and four people. They do offer quality catering services, laundry, and bedding services. The company also has a hotel offshore that they offer lodging services to their personnel



« Specialized and maritime support vessels; they offer vessels for lightweight products. They also transport the extracted oil and the bulky material. Their services are operated by a satellite which ensures that the vessels are in the right place.



« Construction, maintenance, modernization and engineering; these services are provided by the positioning of the rigs that enable flexible movement. All the operations are carried out by the mobile connection equipment that allows it to the team to capture the information on the field. The company has complied with all the environmental regulations.



Working for the company



If you want to work for the company, there are two major ways that you can join the company. The first one is for you to apply for the advertised vacancies on the company’s website. You can also apply for their training program. They seek to provide the trainees with the relevant skills that are relevant to the industry. For those who are still in school, you can apply for the internship program. Alternatively, you can apply for the fellowship program.


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