Anthony Petrello management of Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello may not be known to many people since he leads a quiet life, free of media appearances. However, he is one of the people who is making America a beautiful place to live. He is the president and the chief executive officer of the largest drillings firm in the world known as Nabors […]

The Great Achievements of Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is among the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil, and he has a vast experience in the field. Roberto started his career at a café in Santa Rosa, before working in more firms like the Cartonnage Company, which shaped way for his now successful career. His great determination towards achieving the best saw him […]

David Mcdonald’s Background and Career History

Iowa State University graduate, David Mcdonald has become the face of the very famous OSI group (global leading food-processing company) for aiding in advancing the industry’s progress. He was born and raised on a farm in Iowa and graduated in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. Driven by the motive to impact the […]

How Tony Petrello Became a Success in Labor Industry

Tony Petrello is an entrepreneur and a leader who has shown a lot of expertise and professionalism in how he tackles issues in his career. He has for a long time been the head in labors industry taking four titles at once. Tony operates as the president, the chairman of the board, the chairman of […]

Global Opportunities

In order to find a good balance between financial success and future opportunities there needs to be put in to place some form of advanced calculation program that can rate the current market with what is available. In terms of the real estate market, especially after the housing crisis of 2008, these calculations are doubly […]