Aloha Construction Excels at Interior Restoration

Honesty and trustworthiness to do the job are characteristics that can be difficult to find in the restoration business. Attention to detail is our X Factor at Aloha Construction. We guarantee careful attention to each area of renovation be it fire hazards, water damage, mold restoration, by achieving a professional finish. Our prompt and courteous team of restorers delivers beyond expectation, freshen up and breathe life to your interior increasing your home’s value.

Quality restoration is only achieved by Aloha Construction based in Lake Zurich, Illinois. Our team consists of experienced certified contractors who are well- adept at restoration and renovation techniques. Aloha Construction prides itself in proper communication skills with our customers and always plans ahead of time.

Before commencing work, our staff will discuss their work plan and estimated time plan with the client so that the client is always in the loop and can stay on top of all projects occurring in their home or site. Much emphasis is placed on ensuring our customers are pleased with our work before moving forward.

Upon trusting us to restore and renovate your interior, Aloha Construction will offer free in home assessment of your property be it major or minor remodeling and ensure that you get back on your feet. Most people feel burdened to pay the fees for the appraisals. Smart home owners, however, don’t mind spending a couple of hundreds of dollars for the sake of acquiring a solid house. Some of the unscrupulous realtors out there will look you straight in the eye and lie that the house is okay to make a quick sale. Be wise, solicit for expert advice and opinion before you purchase a new home. Guys at Aloha Construction live for such kind of tasks; call them. For premium restoration that not only gives you a greatly improved look but also the unrivaled quality that keeps getting better and better with innovation, trust Aloha Construction to always get the job done.